Melissa Porter

Melissa was born in Wythenshawe on‭ ‬18‭ ‬December‭ ‬1972‭ ‬and she is an English television presenter,‭ ‬best known for her BBC programmes,‭ ‬To Buy or Not to Buy and Escape to the Country.

After graduating with a degree in Retail Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University,‭ ‬Porter worked as a marketing manager for Marks‭ & ‬Spencer and a brand manager for Playtex.‭ ‬She then worked as a professional relocator for a property website based in Kensington.

While on a team building exercise,‭ ‬a few of the instructors suggested she was quite good.‭ ‬Porter put a show reel together and CV,‭ ‬and got her first break in‭ ‬2002‭ ‬on Granada TV's Men and Motors.‭ ‬Porter then moved to the BBC,‭ ‬presenting a number of shows including Put Your Money Where Your House Is‭ (‬now transferred to UKTV Style‭)‬,‭ ‬and Get a New Life. As a writer and property expert,‭ ‬Melissa has written for the Mail on Sunday and Yahoo.

In‭ ‬2007‭ ‬she filmed two new series:‭ ‬Escape to the Country and Countryfile:‭ ‬The Summer Diaries‭; ‬and presenting new segments on travel,‭ ‬relocation and buying property for Barclaycard on GMTV.‭ ‬She has varied projects to carry her through‭ ‬2008‭ ‬and‭ ‬2009.

Born of Italian-Czech parentage,‭ ‬Melissa got the property bug from her parents as they moved from one house renovation project to the next in Cheshire.‭ ‬She graduated in retail marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University and worked in marketing and property relocation before being spotted.

Melissa puts her property knowledge into practice:‭ ‬together with Charlie Smurfit she was the co-founder of property design and renovation company Porter‭ & ‬Smurfit.‭ ‬She has renovated and sold several homes and most recently sold her Wandsworth house without using an estate agent.‭ ‬In‭ ‬2009‭ ‬Melissa joined Uber Interiors the property design services‭ & ‬resource centre.‭ ‬Uber Interiors provides a complete bespoke,‭ ‬design and renovation service to discerning clients.

Melissa enjoys sport,‭ ‬particularly tennis,‭ ‬motoring,‭ ‬sailing and ski-ing,‭ ‬both water-skiing and black runs on snow.‭ ‬She is a patron of the British Thyroid Association and supports the work of sailing charity Kids Company.‭ ‬She has a passion for photography,‭ ‬and has taken part in several notable art photo shoots.